Tuesday, March 26, 2013

About Me!

Well lets see I am Corrinne Kaye Bass!
I live in Medford Oregon, and am happily married to my wonderful husband Rob.
I started doing paint shop pro back in late 1999 with psp 6 and then I met a 
very special friend in a chat room and she saw what I had been doing and ask 
me if I would like a Paint Shop Pro 7.4 anniversary edition and of course I said 
yes, We exchanged addresses and she sent it to me. That is when the tagging monster 
in me began.
I have owned and operated many list and at one time owned a website that was recognized 
on the AOL search engine. At that time I did not know that there were copy right laws and
that I could get in trouble for using someones art with out permission and or a license.
So I basically tagged illegally for 7 years.  Then I found out that I could get into lots of 
trouble and be sued by an artist for using their art work. So it began again this time with 
me taking a copy write class for 6 weeks and not being allowed to make any tags until I 
graduated from the class. After graduating I found out about tube stores, and discovered 
2 artist I really loved Joel Adams and Deacon Black, Oh and I was working and was making
a decent check every 2 weeks so I would go shopping at CLIM every chance I got, I also 
found several other artist at the store that I purchased. So I was legal with those and also 
found groups that were copy right complaint and had artist that were free to use.
My tagging has changed a lot over the years and I still love doing it.
I enjoy being on groups such as CDO Diamond Club, Creative Design Outlet,
House of Tags and Barbara Jensens Group, oh and I can't leave off one of the
very first groups I joined when becoming compliant PSP PARTY CLUB!
I still tag to this day and my most favorite stores to shop at are CDO (Creative Design Outlet)
 and PFD (Pics For Design), I have several others but it would take a lot of time to 
list them all.
I will post more as time goes on and I will also post a few tags I have made and 
will possibly offer them for adding names too, and I will also post some 
Time Lines for Face book as well.
Thank you for reading about me and my tagging history!

Testing Post

This is just a test...do not turn off your computer!